episode 16

(d)at a loss Natty talks to Coco about the relationship of data and architecture, including fun topics like loss of data (back-up now, Mercury is in Retrograde), data centers (the cloud is a warehouse, y’all), cryptocurrency and NFTs (why? really?).

episode 15

under the influence after wondering why marion mahoney and eileen grey made japanese-inspired work, coco and natty talk about the appropriation of asian architecture in the west, orientalism in its various forms, including japonism and chinoiserie, copycats and copyrights, the opium war, walter benjamin, and knock-off bags. 

episode 14

de walls In this new full length episode Natty schools Coco on a variety of walls, including Pink Floyd’s, and the more architectural Berlin and Birwood walls, laughing all the way.


double dekker bike situation our own fun with flags where we talk odds and evens, double-decker bike parking, and trumprising. we’ll be back in two weeks with a full length episode.

episode 12

gimme the loot! Coco rants and raves about the looting of antiquities and all the museums waiting for repatriated items. Musing include the Ship of Theseus, Operation Mummy’s Hand, and why we love to imagine archeologists as whip-wielding athletes. Footnote: Shannon’s question is why spend so much on preservation when we can feed the hungry.


coco confessions a short set of clips that didn’t make the final cut, including a love for sweatpants, a possible crush on the incredible hulk, natty as harvey keitel, and so much more. We’ll be back in two weeks with a full-length episode.

Vintage engraving of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

episode 11

the life of brian Natty teaches Coco about the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD using Life of Brian and Legos for reference. Coco has a little post traumatic stress around relearning things she may have been taught in high school history. Hilarity ensues.

episode 10

the invisible woman In this episode Natty and Coco continue a discussion about women in, on, and under architecture, including musings on Audrey Munson, the #freebritney movement, juicy columns, Eileen Gray, Marion Mahoney Griffin, and Denise Scott Brown. Also, let’s not forget Le Corbusier’s tush.

episode 9

me too in the gilded age Natty and Coco return for another season of Gutted Architecture. In this episode, we learn about Eveyln Nesbitt, Stanford White, and Henry Thaw. A little romance for Valentine’s Day.

episode 8

there here! For the season finale of season one, Coco and Natty watch the Poltergeist and babble on about creepy dolls and the uncanny and share the wise rule of never building on a burial ground.

episode 7

who do you think you are? Natty and Coco talk about two celebrities who currently dabble in architecture, while they themselves dabble in podcasting. They discuss Kanye West and his Yeezy empire which may or may not include designs for modular housing, and Brad Pitt’s Make it Right project in New Orleans, which clearly needsContinue reading “episode 7”

bonus track

eye exam! if you enjoyed nicole’s hide and go seek story from episode 6, you’ll love the outtake that followed where she confesses to nathalie the truth about her first eye exam.

episode six

no escape room Nikki V rambles on to Natty D about the tension between being hidden and lost, including fun facts about priest holes, medieval toilet-turret sieges, and some serial killers who tried to flush away evidence.

episode five

murder machine Natty tells us about that Devil in the White City, HH Holmes and his murder castle in Chicago during the World’s Columbian Exposition.

episode four

tales from the cribbed When Coco and Natty talk some more about our historical obsession with celebrity homes, including their bookcases and fridge interiors, especially those of famous recluses.

episode three

it’s very “esque” The one where Natty and Coco explore housewives, mansions, mcmansions, and reality TV.

episode two

your asthma? miasma! As a follow up to episode 1, Coco and Natty discuss the history of infectious disease and hospital design.

episode one

For the premiere episode of the gutted architecture! podcast, Natty discusses some responses from the architecture and design community to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Welcome to gutted architecture! We are a podcast dedicated to architecture and crime. We are two true-crime obsessed architects, Natty and Coco. We’re also friends and we like to talk. Thank you for listening! We’ll gladly take your positive feedback and ideas.